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Which front dampers????

  AAS'D RB 182
This has prob been asked before but i have a 182 non cup packed and im looking to replace the front dampers with some genuine Renault ones but was wondering which is my best option just to go for the 182 variants or the 172 cup variants? Im not sure what difference there is really and if i will notice any thing but thought i would ask the question so any help advice would be great. I will be also using eibach sportlines if that makes any difference.

Cheers for any help

  Cayman S, RB 182
I have a 182 non cup and I went for 172 cup shocks, I believe these are stiffer. I haven't got them fitted yet though
  AAS'D RB 182
I did the same a few months ago. The cup ones are stiffer and harsher but better for when your driving hard.
Cheers for that mate. I dont track the car or go stupid in it just the odd occasion. Is there a big difference? Would i be best off just going with the 182 dampers?
  Clio 182
My dampers were quite old so the comparison is unfair but the cup ones feel stiffer but nothing to make me regret the purchase.
I've read they are 20% stiffer which I would agree with.
  225 Cup & Williams
I've ran 172 cup shocks & sportline springs on my last 2 ph1 172. Absolutely brilliant set up for the road.
  AAS'D RB 182
Right that settles it then 172 cup shocks. Thanks for the help and advice guys. Will get some pics and report up when im sorted.