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Which looks better

  renaultsport 182
what size rim will my MK2 ph2 1.2 16v take im gonna buy superturismos but i seem to be leaning more toward 16". the car is not lowered and is not gonna be lowered. so what size would look better and what size tyre. has anyone got pics:D :D :D
  Dynamique S 138
16" 195/45/16 -35mm


17" 205/40/17 -35mm



both OZ Superleggeras
  Monaco Blue Mk2
£80 is all it costs to lower 40mm on good springs. Geometry will be fine. You should get it tracked after lowering it but I put my 40mm springs on about 3 months ago now and have still not had it tracked! :quiet:
It's fine though, tracking seems fine and it handles great so I'm in no rush. IMO if you don't lower it, it will look like a 4x4 and if you put it on 16's without lowering...a monster truck! lol. So if you're adamant you wont be lowering then 15's. 15's will also help with handling. Up to you though at the end of the day mate.
  Golf GTD
lowering is a must when increasing the size of the alloys on the car.

imho all cars should be lowered.
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
OZ Superleggeras and lower it. Any decent garage can adjust the tracking and geometry for a small amount of money -£50.
  Fiesta Zetec S TDCi
This is mine on 16s without lowering - it looks pants :(


This is it now sitting nicely on coilovers :)


You can't put bigger wheels on without lowering mate, it really does look poo.
  K20 EG Hatch
16" super t's with fk coilovers

Cant remember who used to say it lmao but: 17's for show, 16's for a pro ;)


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  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
I wanna lower it but only 35mm so i can just use springs its a 98 mk2 ph1 with 39k on the clock will the old shocks be fine or will it within a year f**k up an i have to pay coilover prices to fix hhhmmmmmm
  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
but if springs r 60 quid or watever an full kit is 200 i want springs how much is watever u jus sed
  Dynamique S 138
uprated shocks arent too much but your looking at around £100 or so, even cheaper off ebay
  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
this is wat makes it hard for me t want to lower it soo friekin complicated as i have no idea. I jus wana make it low cheap but without it dying also does it change ure insurance AKA make it more ta
  Chocolate Bar™
Dan Page said:
16" super t's with fk coilovers

Cant remember who used to say it lmao but: 17's for show, 16's for a pro ;)

but your forgetting its 15's for go!

no bigger than 15'' for me please :)