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Whining Clio

  CTR EK9 turbo

My 172 has developed a "whine" from the engine bay. This occurs when the revs raise and fall. Not only when im going along, but also when i rev the engine at standstill. Has anyone else had this problem? I read that people have had problems with the waterpump - could it be this? It sounds kinda like a supercharger and it is quite loud. Hopefully it can be sorted at not too much expense.

Anyone else had the same trouble?

Thanks, Si

my car lasted a day before it started whining. It was really bad when it started up.

They had it for a week and replaced both the water pump and oilpump. Mate surely your car is under warranty? why bother thinking about it, just get them to fix it.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Cheers for the help. Woud it still be the powered steering if i just revved it on the spot and the whining rose with the engine revs? It doesnt change pitch when i move the steering wheel.