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whit deposit in oil filler cap

a small amount of white sticker stuff has apeared in the oil filler cap of my 1.2 clio car the has not been used for aprox. 3 months any ideas thanks.

Still say that if the car is relatively new send it back to Renault! I wouldnt put up with it, but it does sound like h/g to me. Its basically water contamination in the oil.

What years yours mate the new 1.2 16v have got this problem Renault reckon its alright thats its just condensation mixing with your oil due to small journeys!!!!!!! i say bollox failing that like Mitsi said its your head.

I have a 2002 1.2 16v Dynamique. The car does about 4 mile to work and back and gets a few long runs on the weekend. Had no bother at all
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Just condensation I recon. if it starts to use water and you find "white stuff" on the dipstick then it is head gasket.

Theres been two huge topics on this, its just bad design which causes condensation or something, not a head gasket failure like it may seem. I think if enough of us 1.2 owners complain maybe theyll do something as at the end of the day a defect is a defect.



  Audi TT Stronic

They call it "mayonaise", and I very much doubt it is a your head gasket gone. Keep an eye on water levels/dip stick oil colour etc.
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my mates XR2 does this, the head gasket is fine, just try and do more long trips and keep the oil topped up

my pug used to do it, lots of short journeys, but no permanent damage unless it get properly clogged. the pug would clear out once the weather warmed up, so yours may too... like the others said, its just cause the engines not getting up to temp, headgasket unlikely...

Remove the cap for the coolant header tank and start the engine.

Get the car to normal operating temperature and give it a rev and look in the hole. If you can see oil on the surface of the water, then your head gaskets blown.

If theres no oil in the coolant then its just condensation.

Hope this helps.