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White 182

  White Clio 182


  Meg'd r27
What kind of splitter is that your rocking, its big but actually works well on your car! Textured/poverty spec side strips instead of painted I think might look nicer if I was to change something
  White Clio 182
Nice one. White strips and the rear boot badge surround are on the cards to be sprayed white but im in no rush also rear boot badge black and maybe ditch the mud guards when the weathers better.
Apart from that im a happy chappy with the pocket rocket :)
  White Clio 182
Its off an old megane cost £5 lol lightly sanded it down and sprayed it came up like new. I quite like larger splitters myself gives a low and more aggresive look but its not TOO big and i like the way it slightly curves out at an angle. Although i would like the clio a tad lower i have no trouble with speed humps and its much more practical,i dont really fancy ripping my bumpers off for the sake of a couple mm
  Renaultsport Clio 182
Nice car. Is it sprayed or wrapped?

Did it used to be titanium?

I'd ditch the mud flaps too if it were mine
  172 Cup
I like this alot, as said before not sure on the mud flaps, but otherwise this looks really good
  Stripped yozza'd cup
If the time ever comes that I need a respray, it's going tobe White. Looks awesome mate. Agree with the others on the side strips though.
  1.2 y0!
love this car! Black roof would look mega IMO splitter looks really nice, Not a standard clio spoiler is it?


ClioSport Club Member
Keep the wheels or go for 2118's and get some textured mouldings on it. And either a textured spoiler or white, then it will be perfect.

Textured mouldings are amazing on white 1*2's.
  Black Gold Trophy
Johnny, you've been a good lad and removed the stickers!
Now you just need to take the mudflaps off, get a cup/trophy/v6 spoiler, remove the sport badge and put a clio one there and finally paint the black bits white ;)
  White Clio 182
I know i know I'm getting there nearly got it decatted today but chickened out! lol
Scared it was gona sound poo and too loud, it's already got stainless cat back and pipercross viper so sounds good as it is.
Anyone selling a decat cheap incase I want to test one out???
Let me know if u have. Nice one
Looks good but agree with the others. Black bits to white will make it spot on.

Talking of decats, have you thought about a silenced one? Made a big difference driving around town etc for me.
  PH2 172
i been thinking of going white on my cup, but just the hassel of doin the engine bay or just leave it as it is lol
  White Clio 182
Apparently the standard cat on the 182s good anyway i just fancy abit more raspyness but hate the droaning sound and there's no gaurantee what it's gona sound like until it's done.
Hhmmmm choices choices!!!
  Black Gold Trophy
I doubt you'd notice the difference with a decat tbh, the money is better spent on suspension and brakes imo
  White Clio 182
Excuse the crap quality just used my iPhone after I cleaned her today.
Need to take some propper ones when i can be arsed!! :)