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who’s gonna make a clio version

  Subaru Forrester

Theyre pretty cool. I got my girlfriend the Mario Kart version a couple of months back. It might have to be the yellow Evo if the Clio isnt available

Maybe I can race her now!! :D

I can have them posted from tabletop racers to florida, so will do that, they cant ship to the uk at the mo though... (Just emailed them to check and thats what they said... )

a 2.5" scooby.. lmao !!

well spotted Tony, there are some differing models, but that looks like the one..

will give them a ring...

what a party game, will drive the cats mad too... perhaps a mouse body would be kewl...

I did see some ones that were "tunable" like changing engine etc (cant see on the website) at the gadget shop. Also, for the best fun I heard that doing a wall of death in a wok to be a killer.



i have a skyline bit-charg with uprated tyres and gearing/motor

will bring it to brands

it does 450mph (scale speed)