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Who’s This *pic*

aaronc, whats the deal withthis camera? can you store any pics in the phone and download them when you get home? or do you have to sign up to the £25 a month contract?

sorry havnt a clue who the williams is

No you just take em you can store about 100 pics or more in the phone depending on other applications using memory (just like your own PC) then connect to yuor PC using an infrared link and thats it, its so simple and quick.

I remeber the days i used to take the photos then develop them then scan them........nightmare! This ways so much better. And the thing is you always have the phone with you so necer miss out an opportunity of missing a good kodac moment! Or video moment - whatever you might be

I will selling a brand new one in about a week (not mine)

You are not wrong ChavyBoy ! I took mine to York and got around 75 photos of the day, I can post them to show the quality if you want ?

Mustek GSmart 2 is damn good for £40 and recommend it to anyone. Holds 36 full size print (2 megapixel by interpolating software, otherwise its really only a 1.1 megapixel) or 100 small ones or 30 sec video without sound. Size of a credit card and comprehensive, stable software, ideal. Not used it much yet but if anybody is after a cheap digital camera which doubles as a web cam then this is it, definetly the best of the current crop of tiny cheap digital camera. Will get a few example photos on go if anybody interested, need to submit my valver to gallery anyway.

Alex M
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My girlfriend has one of the SiPix ones above, its excellent for the money.

We took it to Goodwood this year and dropped it losing about 140 photos. Never lost anything else from it though. Good job we took the proper camera as well...


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I have a sipix blink and its ok but the battery tends to run out very quickly and when it does you lose all your pictures as the memory is lost everytime the batteries run out - not good - in the end i just bought a fuji finepix 1.3 megapixel with smartmedia for 60 quid. I also have a canon powershot G2 with 1gb microdrive but that was not cheap...

I hate having a digital camera which hasnt got a LCD screen on it. Especially when your doing over a ton and want a picture!