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who can lower clio’s

order the springs then phone any garage you can find...then price match...they dont need to be a performance garage to fit springs...any place can do it..i paid 70 quid..but i had quotes from 70 up to 250...i mean 250 for labour..funny

Im sure garages fit springs. I got mine done by a mate. (He fitted front springs and lowered Torsion Bar)

I did ask a garage though how much to do front springs and he said £35quid, thats for the front - I heard rear springs take longer though!

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Check out my Lowering Guide in the DIY SECTION off the main website screen. Dead easy and you will save yourself loadsa money.


If you want a superb garage in Essex, then try Stancombe Vehicle Engineering, near Orsett. Colin races in the Clio Cup (with a 4 car team) and has been in Motor Racing for 20 odd years. You couldnt really find a better/more knowledgable mechanic.

He lowered my 172 on Eibachs (which I supplied) for under £100. And he has a special mod for the rear which dramatically improves the handling!!!

Go to Sheppard Racing, Colchester. I sorted us a discount there and the quoted just £75 all in for doing my Williams. Details in the members area.