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Who can make me Dodgy number plates

  320d M Sport

Well not that dodgy really!

I need P44DYS, just as it reads like that with no space, thats it. No snide writing or anything, does anyone know who in the North West could make those up ASAP for me?


  320d M Sport

Good man Rob, Ill check it out!

Dont suppose anyone on here works at a garage or anythin? Id like me on by Friday (Dont ask!)

Paddy, hope you like the plates, i got mine from there (2 sets, renault lost first set!) and as for trouble, so far so good. I have used the standard font so the only issue is the spacing. My plate is much easier to read that ones with italic fonts etc. No trouble as of yet. And ive had them since march.

Ive got a littile plate on mine and trust me on this the coppers wont like u at all, ive had a 30 quid fine and enough producers.just make sure u have the propa plate in the car so u can slap it on the dash board wen the coppers c u.:confused:
  320d M Sport

got em on now eventually! Legal font,size etc just instead of P44 DYS it says P44DYS... not too bad, hopefully i should be okay??