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Who has the most miles on their Willy

  Clio 197

My baby turned 170,000km or 105,400 miles today. And she is still on her original dampers! And she did it mid lap at the ring...

its a sad fact that alot of williams will have been clocked, there is nothing other then knowing the owner from new that i would believe, everything else in terms of history is avalible at a small cost, this will be escecialy true with the williams, the same car with the same condition might fetch £6500 with 40,000 miles and £4500 with 140,000 miles, and believe me it only takes 15-20 minutes to knock the dial back one click.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

There are things a switched on person can check. Yes its all very well having the paperwork, but you should check it all out, phone the garages, phone the MOT places etc.

Anyone who buys a clocked car is a bit of a spanner if you ask me. There are some very simple things you can do to tell.

  Clio 197

I think I can be pretty sure mine wasnt clocked! And it certainly hope it isnt on its second time around...
  mk2 172

82k now, reno dealer stamped full service book, all previous mots, etc, what more can i do. im no expert on checkin these things so i have to believe it. 2 previous owners too.

  mk2 172

btw i spoke to a woman in donny about 5 months ago with one, it was mint with her hubby being the only owner and had 33k on it. i was in awe, that would pull a huge premium. havent seen it since though


101,450 and still going strong. In having the cam belt & fan belt done at the moment.
Whats everyones oil pressure at idle and at higher revs when hot?

I think Dave will win this one hands down from whats being said in the off topic forum!
I hear his willys been about a bit.