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Who wants.......................

a complete 172 engine, box, ecu, ALL ancilliaries, etc etc... 3500 miles...

I am toying with the idea of a v6 front mounted transplant ???..

If I had a definite buyer for the engine, box, shafts.. possibly brakes etc.. (Also included would be exhaust manifold and induction pipes...)

I might be interested..

Jus pondering.....

  BMW 320d Sport

Interesting idea Joe, but if youre going for a full on transplant, wouldnt you be better just getting a 1.2, dropping in the V6 and then sorting the suspension out? PLus wont the weight of the V6 slow the car down to a certain extent, just like in the V6 Clio? Although I suppose youd have good traction off the line with that kind of weight over the front wheels! I know the whole V6 car is heavier but the lump itself contributes to that.