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why does my car always have s**t on it?


  S5 Sportback
i don't wash my car that regulary, maybe every few weeks at best.

I use some turtle wash wash and wax whicxh makes it quite shiny, it comes in a green container.

i haven't waxed the car for ages, maybe thats the problem?

It seems everytime i clean it, it still has a lot of little black marks on it form tar or tyres i guess.

If i wash it, clay it and then polish / wax will this make it a lot easer next time? howl ong does a coat of wax last?

  BMW E46 330i Touring
Yep, claying it won't protect against future spots, etc but it'll get rid of your current collection.

Give it a nice wash, clay, polish and then a few layers of a decent sealant and wax and it'll be easier to maintain every so often.
  106 GTi
Re: why does my car always have sh*t on it?

seb said:
how long does a coat of wax last?

Depends what you sue wax or sealant wise.

Maybe no more than 30 days for some Carnuba Waxes, as much as 3-6 months for some Sealants.