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Why has....

The Chubby Pirate

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My Playstation 3 just realised ive got a HD cable plugged in...?

It came up with a few messages saying "HD cable now connected, would you like to used this via the 1080p output/input etc etc"


Gameplay is now crystal clear, im actually embarrassed i never thought to double check the set up :( (its now been set up for about 8 months)

Have i made an arse of somthing or has somthing changed? :dapprove:


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You should have changed the settings when you plugged it in gorgeous. :(

At least you're up and running! Get online you ho!
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It doesn't automatically detect an HDMI input, if you hold down the power button untill it beeps it will ask you to configure to whatever kind of connection you are using, perhaps you unintentionally kept your finger on the power button for the first time.

You will now have to do this if you take it somewhere and use it on a set without HD capability otherwise you'll get a blank screen.


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Went round my mates who had a PS3 for a few months and he was running a terrible resolution! Nicked and HDMI cable from his old HD-DVD player and he was lie wow, that's much better :eek: idiot.


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FLOL, you serious? See that PS3 its laughin at you!

The Chubby Pirate

ClioSport Club Member
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