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Why do people always try race me. As soon as I put a full body kit on the car every wear I turn someone will try race me. I had a Corsa up me arse for about 30mins on the motorway,and now a new shape clio tryed it on.

I dont mind but it can get annoying some times I was trying to get home..

I get the same from time to time.
Like on the way home from donny south, had to "lads" in there RTs.
No teachin some people.

Yeah I can relate to this.

When I had my 4" ashley exhaust loads of pricks (mainly in vectras) used to tailgate me.

Now Ive took it off, I dont get any bother
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I wanna race. Nobody will race me Boo Hoo. I have only been challenged once and I made mince meat of of him. Come on little Nova boys and girls come play
  Audi S3

I dont mind people trying to race me except when its t***s in sh*tboxs like 1.4 fiestas or orians or escorts who drive like complete w*****s! there cars cant handle for sh*t and they try to ovatake round a roundabout nearly wipeing u out in the process so u just got to floor it to get away from them b4 they kill u or something!

hay tony, well I thought I give it a go. Althou I should know by know its not worth it, althou the race I had was a little different to ours
  BMW 320d Sport

People never want to race me, or if they do they give up almost straight away and drop right back, pretending that they werent racing in the first place!

It has to be expected! I remember the first day i got my 205 gti. I was raced by a white van, a bloke on a racer (push-bike....this bloke was team banana in his yellow lycra one-piece!!!) and an under-cover police officer from Epsom Downs nick (that one involved alot of talking not to get nicked i can tell you!!!).

do any 16v drivers find that some times when u aproach a car from behind they attemt to move out the way as fast as they can ? may be it is the bonnet that intimidates them !

yeah ive noticed they move over on motorways but off the lights they dont seem to know what ya driving and try it on??????????? why???
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah, people certainly move out of the way on the motorway, especially when ive got my lights on in the day, it looks so much more aggresive with them on, AND people dont cut me up as much either. In town people seem to just pull out in front of me when i dont have them on, so theyre on most of the time (volvo).

I like it when people try to race, because they (90% of the time) get toasted..rahahahahaaa (sorry)