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Wicked V6 video!

  mk2 172

iv got a little video of some nutter in a V6 caning the tits off it with a camera outside and inside, looks and sounds awesome!, anyone wanna host it to share?


Right click on the link and say Save As, then open it in Winamp or Media PLayer, Real Player is a pain in the ass!
  320d M Sport

tell me about it! When stuff opens in media player i can save it, but i cant when it opens in REal Player????! Damn annoyin!
  Clio v6

Just a suggestion to tell Windows Media Player to play all files that are not Ram and Ra file types. In the options / File types panel.

For those annoying sites that only offer streaming clips. Get yourself a streaming media ripper. "StreamBox" etc

but you all probably know this stuff.