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widetrack DCI querstion


ClioSport Club Member
suspension feels past it on my dci was gonna stick a new set of dampers on it but would consider a widetrack conversion if I can do it on the cheap!

can I leave the standard DCI subframe and just fit 172/182 arms, hubs, brakes, springs and dampers and ARB?

can I remove the DCI ARB and swap it for a 172 one without removing the subframe?

Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

ClioSport Club Member
Subframe needs dropping at the back to take the rolebar out.

But yes you can leave the subframe on and change everything else. bUT it's easier if you get the lot complete, maybe cheaper


ClioSport Club Member
only reason I ask is in the corner of my garage ive got a set of 172 arms, hubs, springs and dampers lol!! just need brakes and an ARB! cant be hopped lowering the subframe though they are always a nightmare on high millers!