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Will 1.8 16v Back Box Fit RT

i sold a scorpion backbox to lad with a 1.2 fidji and it didnt even nearly fit, but an RT might be differnt
  clio 20v

the exhausts are probably the same but if its a backbox to go with a full system it will probably have a larger bore and will need a sleeve to fit

only way to see is to get under the car and offer it up and measure the bore of it


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  Lazy v8

LOFTY you are doing my head in m8

why dont u think before you come out with stupid comments like save your money and buy a decent car.

ffs maybee he isnt old enuf to be able to insure a 16v maybee he likes his car he has i like my 1.4 yeh i would like more power but im gonna have to live with it as i couldnt insure a 16v atm.

you seem to come out with quiet a few sarcastic comments and it can offend people i love my car and if you were to come along and say thats sh*t it would offend and upset me, in the future why dont you just make comments that might actually help some 1.

sorry to hijack this post but its been bugging me for a while lofty can be very helpful but can also be extremely annoying some times be really agravating .

any way back to topic looking at it im not sure it will fit before i bought my zorst i looked around and asked companys that made them and they said that a 16v zorst and a 1.4 are different.


well said - tho maybe he was only having a laff - but if hes forever doing it I suppose it could get annoyin??!!?