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will an r19 interior fit in a clio

Dont hold me to this but i think i remember someone saying they were slightly wider than the clio ones...
Not 100% sure though - try searching for previous threads on here cos there must have been this question before!

My leathers in my 16v are the same front ones as a 19 16v - standard by Renault. But the back leathers are specific to the Clio 16v. The rears from a 19 will not fit into a Clio.
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Evertyhing will go in (eventually!!) I put a 172 interior in mine, the back seats wernt bracketed anywhere near the same as the old ones. All i did was take the covers off the new, and put them over the old seat frames, if you take a bit of time (and care) it can be done

manc boy,

im going to do the same to mine, i have even got a R19 at the moment but i havnt got round to measuring the back seats yet, i will do it though, i could even try swapping them, the bottoms will be easy i guess, its the backs that might cause more grief,

if the covers and cushions and can swapped onto the clio metals backs and frames they will squeeze in the remainder, and the little bit in the door frames can easily be trimmed in leather,

i will get beack yo you when i know how i get on

by the way the guinee pig R19 is a phase 1 5 door hatch if it makes any differnce, but it did rear hatch and saloon rears are the same

why wouldnt the back seat go even with loads of fettling if nebody can give me a basic idea of wot i need to do i would appreciate it alot

my rough estimation is that the top of the seats are 1.5 inches wider, anmd a mear 0.5 wider at the bottom, mounted the the clio metal backs this should not look funny and will all be taken up in the cushions,

i sold the R19 today so i have got till tuesday when the bloke pics it up to actually try and fit the rears to see whats involved, im thinking if the hinges are the same it would be easier to trim the existing metals back on ther R19 leathers

will let you know how i get on


can you give me an exact run-down on whats involved in fitting the seats,

the thing im thinking is that it wouldnt be much harder to fit any seats, i.e 200SX leathers, 300ZX leathers? they are ansolutly lovelly and relativily easily avalible, the font seats can be made to bolt, and the work involved in fitting the rears is similar to fitting the R19s
please can you give a detailed run down on whats involved in swapping the rears seats metal backs? i think i can get hold of some mint black 200SX seats

have added you to contacts,

beweare i have a silly harmless virus that tries to send you files without me seeing whats going on, just decline and it wont ask you again,
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Front seats are no bother. The subframes have enough holes to take most seats

..... to the backs!!!

Firstly, removed the 172 cushions carefully and the same with the old valver ones. Placed the 172s over the frame, and trimmed the foam (just enough to sit properly). As the 172 ones have zips on, it was just a case of zipping them back up, and putting them in and bobs yer uncle!!

I know it sounds easy, but i found the hard bit was actually getting the cushions off

cheers m8 hoping to have a crack soon and also lofty and nebody else who wants to discuss this i will be on msn at about 9:45 my email is

A garage neay me sorted my mates out, they look fine the back seats just sit a bit higher but they fitted the rears for £50 I think there was welding involved