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Will finally pick up the CUP Friday

After much strife of having the delivery date moved from start of September to the middle, then end and then to an unknown date in October, I rang round all the dealers I could get hold of and managed to get an unallocated one for the same discounted price and I pick it up on Friday!!!!.

Look forward to giving a report after the weekend and hopefully putting 750 miles on the car.

Question.. With the 172 engine, how many miles do I need to do before I max the revs and start using it in every day mode????


172 CUP

You will get a varied answer about that, I ran it in for 650 miles and then caned it ! Some people caned it from day 1 and then others took it easy up to 1000 miles. I did what the handbook said just to be safe.

We picked our 172 sport up last thursday and were told to do 650 miles but we have done 400 miles now and started to boot it already, you just cant help it, it wants to go! and little boy racers in there 1.2 just want to play!