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will i fit into a sports skirt?

  Clio 1.5 dci
slightly miss leading title but will sports side skirts fit my 5 door? and if so do they just 'bolt on' through existing holes etc?

the only reason i ask is i am considering getting a 1*2 front bumper to get sprayed at the same time as the rear bumper i have but to get that to fit properly id need sport wings but am i right in thinking that if i have sport wings but no side skirts there will be a gap at the bottom of the wings? in which case ill also need to buy side skirts too. So a 172 rear bumper will very quickly turn into a sport rep! :/
  Toyota MR2 GT Turbo
People have got them to fit on 5 doors, you need the clips that are riveted on, not just the screw holes.

Or duct tape.
  Clio 1.5 dci
so when buying the skirts i need to get the clips too and rivet them in the exact right place on the car for the skirt to clip on to? and would i need the skirts as I'm not the biggest fan of them but done want a gap where the wider wings stick out or won't they?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182 arctic
If it is going into a bodyshop then you could get them to alter the front bumper so it fits the original wings, that way you don't need to buy the wings or the skirts. That's if you don't want to got the full rep route.
There is a guide on here in the guides section that will show you how it can be done. Easy for a bodyshop to do.