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will these fit?

  172 Cup 2003
Evening all, still got to still my 172cup springs :( however had some interest off some1 on here what will these fit though because don't wanna sell them to some1 that they won't fit that's not fair or right :D

as far as i'm aware these will fit 172, 182, cup etc, willys and valvers
but would these fit 1.2, 1,4, 1.6s etc?

if not i'll bung them on fleebay
The front springs will fit 172/172 Cups/Williams and 1.8 16Vs (known commonly as Valvers). They won't fit 182's though.

The rears will fit any Mk2 Clio but they should only realy be used on the correct car due to weight and poundage etc.