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Williams Alloys Refurb

Anyone had it done? I tried a search but could find nothing. Theres not too much wrong with mine but a few bits of corrosion on them. I know someone that refubs alloys but I wouldnt trust him with my Willies ones as they have a polished rim.
  Laguna 2, Westfield

Just did a search and found that a couple of people have had them done, one said it cost £35 with the diamond cut edge redone, from a place called Pro clean in merseyside - bit far from you,

And someone else said it cost them £45 each wheel but it doesn;t have the diamond cut rim -

Do renault still sell them ?? wonder how much:eek: would be well good to have mint new willy wheels that are definatley the right gold colour.


They would be A LOT of money..

I think the Phase2 16vs from Renault is something insane like 190odd? I could be wrong.


Carlos, Where abouts are you? I had mine done at a place in Worcester they did a brilliant job and mine were is a really bad way when I brought the car, took the chap three hours for each wheel just to polish the rim! Cost me £180 for the four.

It was the only place I could find that would do a polished rim most places who only do them all gold.

If you want me to find his number out drop me an email.">


Cheers guys. Im not ready to get it done yet but I can get a carrier through my work to deliver and collect them so distance shouldnt be a problem. I have to wait until my other transport is going again (if ever). I just worry that the colour might not be correct as Marks says. Ill contact renault first but I will make sure im sitting down:)
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Please make sure you are sitting down mate !! I checked not so long ago and nearly fainted !! And that was with staff discount !!

Im in the process of having mine done at the moment. Mine had been done in the past and the colour was not a perfect match so I decieded to get them done. I swapped the spare wheel for the alloy and wet and dried a patch of the top coat paint to get to the original paint which I t cutted and polished so I bloke could do a colour match.

When I got the wheel back I noticed it wasnt the right shade of gold(gutted)-just a bit to gold like one of delboys gold braclets. appart from the colour it was a fine job with the polished rim and all sand blasted and painted on the inside of the wheel(£25).

Ive taken off one of the other alloys now and im going to take it down to a paint shop to see if they can match it up exactly.

Ill probably have four different shades of gold on my clio by the end of the month!
  Laguna 2, Westfield

Quote: Originally posted by Leigh on 22 February 2003


Please make sure you are sitting down mate !! I checked not so long ago and nearly fainted !! And that was with staff discount !!

Did you find out how much they are from renault ?? how much??:confused::eek:
  Laguna 2, Westfield

Leigh, Carlos, could you tell us the exact price for the williams wheels from renault please:cool:
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Just short of £900 incl VAT for 4 Williams wheels. Asked at Renault Birmingham today.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Your spot my friend.

I found a place in Essex, Rochester tyres and wheels 01702 545689. Seen their work and thats where im gonna take mine to be done. They will give you a loan set of wheels whilst they do yours for you. So you drive there and they remove your wheels and slap on a loan set, then once yours are done they swap em back !! How good is that !! Only down side is they take about a week, but with a loan set who cares.

Cost i think is about £35.00 a wheel !! Well it was last year.

We will need to try and get the correct colour of them - I dont who how mine you but they must have a RAL number or something.