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Williams in Dumfries

  tiTTy & SV650
spotted this afternoon, I was in the arctic blue 182 with 2 bikes on the roofrack lol

low as fook williams!
Ali said:
Did you's all survive. Ally still in one piece! lol
You referring to the stag aspect of the weekend or to my MTbing abilities lol? Aye they left me well alone, nae stag shenanigans to speak of ;). And (for once) I didn't fall off the bike all weekend...

I had a better spot in Dumfries than that: just along the river from Domino's, two carfuls of neds started knocking lumps out of each other as I was waiting at the traffic lights. Much enjoyment :clown:
Was it slammed and had a centre exit ovel exhaust??

If so its a lad called Pete. He also has about 3 Valvers in various states

There's also a mint standard one that goes about.

what were you doing in Dumfries?
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  tiTTy & SV650
aye slammed anyway.

we were staying in Dalbeattie (Sandyhills) based for mountain biking and golf weekend.
Im sorry to hear that lol jj

Meant to be pretty good here for mountain biking. Only ever done it once tho.

As far as i know there's only 2 william's Clio's in Dumfries so you did well to spot it haha
lol we liked the area that much we're booked to come back in October - Cliosport mountain-biking division having a weekend away. You've got a brilliant area for mountain-biking, one of the best areas in the UK, and you've only been once? Poor show ;)