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Williams owners please help!

  TT 225

Im not sure the replacement gearbox I have had fitted to my car has the correct ratios

Does anyone know what speed you can get to in 3rd and 4th gear?

Mine does just over 90 in 3rd and can reach over 120 in 4th.. :confused:
  clio 20v

what does it rev too has it not been chipped, was in jons yesterday does about 57 in second and about 85 in third

  mk2 172

thats the wrong box kelly, will is 56-57 in second, 80 in 3rd, about 105-110 in fourth, sounds right for a valver box, even with the rev limit increased to 6800 it only does 87
  TT 225

Adi - no as far as i know its not chipped..

cheers craggy - didnt think things were right :mad: Do you know the ratios? I need to go back to the garage and tell them grrrrrr
  mk2 172

nah your car will be slower! mats car suffered 0-100 cos of the valver box on stage 2 2.0 engine, although was very fast to 60, not sure of the ratios although im sure someone can help,, ben it wont rev further!, just more mph per rev!


What do you mean by that exactly?

I had a race with him in my 170bhp 16v at high speed. I know we were both using the 16v gearbox, but Mat has a 2.0 with cams/head etc, whereas I have the 1.8 with cams/head etc. As Mat will add, there was a little doubt as to the gear he was in during our "comparisons", but this is what happened:

My 16v initially pulled away at 70mph and then he reeled me in, passing me at about 100mph. This happened twice (I think? - Mat might remember better?). Later we were busy racing an MG ZR160 and I found that I topped out at just over 130mph, whereas Mat just flew past me and on to what I would have though was over 135mph.

Dont know if this is of any relevance???

my willt engined 16v hasnt got the legs it needs but is lively to 60, but the fact remains if your have paid money for a williams box thats what you want to be fitted, take it back

also look at the tag, although easily changed over the williams box is a JC5 the 16v is something quite different
  williams and trophy

ben mate i raced matt twice down the strip.1 i had a bad start and 1 was a clean start for both.

the 1 where we both got a clean start matt left me until we hit halfway. by this time mattt had a 0.2 sec lead which is about 1/2 car legnth then i started to come past him finishing nearly neck and neck with him 0.07 secs at the line to be precise. so any further we would have raced i would have passed him at about 100 also and carried on to whatever in front of him


  TT 225

I have got the wrong box on the car. Not sure what the code is, havent looked (yet) but It seems quite obvious from your replies Its the wrong box - i paid for it to be built and fitted so it should be right..

Back to the garage tomorrow :mad:

Thanks you guys :)