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williams problems

just bought myself a williams and having a few problems. first of all i had to have a new alternator put in about two weeks ago. my problem is my battery light stays on when i start the car then it flashes now then while i am driving. any one have any ideas. also does any one now how u can turn the standard alarm and immobliser off. cheers
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

if I remember right... there is a valet switch on the car somewhere? flick this, and think it will disable it .

I had mine ripped out as it was useless, and wanted new security on it.

the batt light is your alternator. the alarm is switched off by a key, it is located near the washer bottle on my car but been told some had the alarm under/around the glove box

The standard-fit alarm/immobiliser has the turn off key switch under the windscreen cowl pannel near to your fuses and washer bottle. Any over-ride key switch in the glovebox should be for an aftermarket system.

If youve had a new alternator, but the battery light is still flashing, then there must be something else in the circuit wrong. Take it to a garage/auto electrician and get them to test the battery for voltage/amps etc to see whether its pumping out the correct output. It could be something like a dodgy earth or a bad connection.