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Willy 3 Just washed :-) (No 56k)

  Polo GTi

Quote: Originally posted by 182_blue on 04 April 2005
nice, is that dirt up the side allready

:oops: yeah hoping people wouldnt notice that ;) it was horse sh*te, gathered on the way, hehe

Very nice. :D

Although youll get slated by the Williamsclio bunch for posting pictures of a just washed my standard looking car nature.;)
  Polo GTi

Got some brand new fogs to go in soon as I get bonnet and bumper resprayed, should be minty fresh as soon as I find a decent body shop to sort out some bits :cool:


ClioSport Club Member
  Blue c/w Gold Wheels

Ill ring the guy this week Monkey and sort something out.
  Polo GTi

Quote: Originally posted by paddymph on 05 April 2005
quality, monkey is that the road to snake pass?

No mate its up by me near errr, Edgworth Nr Bolton, near the Srawberry Duck Pub if youve heard of it.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member

Looking good m8! I noticed the mucky side bits too - bloody horses!!!

That road off Grane to Edgworth is designed for cars like the Willy! Like Lee said, its nice to see an original one. It must be hard not to succumb to modifying it.

And the Strawberry Duck is a cracking pub - the fish & chips are spot on there...

Question to Willy owners in general - why do you think the gold alloys look right on a Willy and yet look tacky on an early Scooby? The size and style just looks great on the Willys.