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Windows 7 Support?? HP laptop & drivers?

  Monaco 172
story so far...

MSDNAA means i can get it for free...its win 7 pro x64

assuming this will working with my computer as my current os is Vista home premium 32bit.

my processor is turion x64 dual core.

my other main concern is drivers for the OS...will it have most already as the laptop is just under 2 years old?

Should be fine, I'm guessing the cd will have a compatability check before u install anyway.
i installed from cd and there is 2 bits of hardware that are coming up as unknown devices - nothing isn't working and i havent had enough time to investigate

ive got a hp6735s tho that is an AMD 32bit laptop.
  Mondeo ST TDci
backup a folder called swsetup. think that has all your drives in there.
next download the drivers from hp site for win7.

ive just done my hp from vista to win7 ult (64bit). tried upgrade path (worked fine) but decided to wipe it all and do a fresh install, much cleaner and less hdd space taken!

things that failed on mine on clean install (unknown devices). quick launch keys, modem drivers (not that i ever used em!) memory card reader and hdmi output drivers for sound.

i just re-installed some of the 'old software' for now and will update these when the full 64bit drivers are done.

u can download a file from Microsoft website to check hardware compatability :)
I assume its the one from the student thingy thing?

Anyway I downloaded it last week.

It's not an upgrade so needs to be a fresh copy, however it copies everything into a windows.old folder for you to retrive. Might be worth backing up though.

I mounted it rather than burnt it onto a CD.

Had no problems with drivers. Excellent piece of software!
  Monaco 172
yea ive installed it already, its strange how it doesnt mention formatting the hard drive at all. but yea it was all backed up and nothing if use left so i got rid of that file anyway!

most things ive noticed are working and may just need a driver update!
  Better than yours. C*nt.
HP use any operating system release as an excuse to discontinue tens of good, serviceable products. So don't expect driver support...