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Windscreen Decals

  Corsa now :0
Right im going to be honest this may seem like a really retarded question but i see all these cars with decals at the top of the windscreen so i thought i would do the same with the k-tec set you can get. It looked good while it was on until it rained and i turned the wipers on and within 5 mins the sticker was half off lol. sorry if im missing something really simple but how on earth am i supposed to stop the wipers scraping the decals off??
  Corsa now :0
haha i wish i had took a photo it was funny!!! altho when it happened on the motorway and only being able to see K-TEC it was scary haha. K-Tecs stick on the outside ;( and i ran out of glue sticking my wheels on when i lost my wheel nuts
  Clio 182 arctic
you need to make sure it is dry fully before you drive anywhere, especially motorway, and make sure the edges are down an that your wipers arent crap also.