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wing mirror

  clio 172
today i pulled my wing mirror in and it fell off. Its not broken it just needs putting back on but i dont know how, any ideas. looks like it needs the spring compressing and twisting back on.
Can't remember exactly without seeing one again, but if you look on the mirror with the casing off, you will see a round metal thing with a spring pushing it up. This metal thing will turn round, there is a slit in it where if you turn it it almost pops out but can't because of the shape of the case.

Once you get the metal thing so its almost coming out, place the mirror on the car like it normally and tape it in position. Then push the metal thing down as far as it will go so its inside the case on the holder part thats still on the car.
Once its down you need to twist the metal thing so it can't pop back up again. This is extremely hard to do, and it took two of us to do it due to the strengh of the spring.

I found a metal file that just fit into the hole of the metal thing, but was big enough to push down and twist at the same time (if that makes sense) The hardest part is being able to push and twist at the same time.