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Wiper Arms

Just took off my wiper arms so I could replace washer pump and resistor pack and put wiper arms back on but something aint right!

The spoiler thing on the blade is now tapping on the windscreen when it first moves!

Is there any easy way to line them up or maybe I have bolted the mechanism back in wonky lol

Thanks, Andy
  172 mk2 Iceberg
you need to take of that wiper arm and refit it in a slightly different position to the wiper shaft
I've tried about 5 positions higher and lower and still taps the screen though! Has anyone got a close up of their resting positions and I'll use that as a guide?

If that don't work it means I've bolted the motor and mechanism back in wrong. Arse, thought it went way too easy!
  Megane dci 130
The wiper mechanism has to be located on a peg which sticks out on the bulkhead. If not, it will touch the screen.