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wiper stalk

  rb182 cup
my old car (cup172) had intermittence windscreen new car (cup182) hasnt got them...would the 172 stalk work in my 182 (even though my 182 has also go cruise control)
  RB 182 Cup
If memory serves me correctly, there are two versions. Something like 13 pins and 14 pins (can't remember exact pin count, but they vary by one pin), apparently they're not interchangeable, albeit some of their functions may work, all don't.

Remove your 182 stalk, count the pins and then search eBay or here for a used stalk with the same pin count.

Mine only cost me £7.50 from eBay for my 182 Cup, but I can't for the life of me remember the number of pins I'm afraid.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3
Lee it was a popular mod for Trophy I would think that it should work....but not 100%
  RB 182 Cup
If you get the right one, all functions work and it's a godsend to have varying wiper speeds.

Previously it never rained the correct amount of water on my screen to match the intermittent speed of the wipers and you were usually always left with squeaking wiper blades as the intermittent swept at 1 second intervals.