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Wireless Problem on MBP - Again

  LY 182
Has anybody else had a problem with their wireless just dropping on their MacBook Pro?

I went to the Apple store around a month ago (local one is MK which is about 30 minutes away so a bit of a pain). They replaced my wireless card and everything was fine. Now I'm getting the same problems as before. I can be browsing away and then the connection just drops even though it looks like it's connected. Sometimes the Mac just freezers and a few times it's even come up saying 'No Airport Card Installed'.

Something else must be up. I assume the Wirless card is connected to something else which must be corrupted?

Should I be a bit more forceful when I go to the Apple Store again? I'm booked in tomorrow and want this to be resolved as it makes my experience a bit sour having to reboot frequently.
  LY 182

Worst thing about this is the fact I have to go to the Apple store and see the new retina MBP's. It's going to be traumatic.
  LY 182
Is this a known issue? I just thought my wifi was pony so have done nothing about it in 18 months :eek:

I don't think so Rob? Mine was fine for ages but recently started acting up.

I'm secretly hoping I'll see a guy tomorrow who's in a generous mood and he'll swap mine for a new retina MBP. (I know this won't happen really lol).