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Wiring Neons, Need Help

  Black Clio 182

ok i had my neons in my footwell wired up to my cig lighter but for some reason they stopped working.

im wanted to rewire them up to my fuse box but im just wondering what ive got to do for this, want to put some neons in my boot install to and i was wondering if i could make a new fuse on my fuse box to power them both if you get what i mean, just need help doing it cheers.

Do the tubes work if you wire them straight to the battery? Got any loose wires? Blown fuse for the cig lighter?

Cant help with the fuse box though, have no idea about that
  Black Clio 182

i havent tried wiring them up directly to my battery, am thinking of doing that tho and have them working off the switch that way.

i did keep blowing the fuse when i was trying to fix it, ran outta fuses so stopped as it ment i wouldnt be able to have a stereo working and that.