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  E36 M3. 182
My mate just let me drive his 182, just for a little drive back from dropping him off in town, what a car!! I WANT ONE!!!!!! so different to mine,everything feels so tight and precise in comparison, is that just the model difference, or the 40000 mile difference?? would a mk1 drive similarly to his (53 plate with cup pack):approve:
  Nissan 350Z
To be fair, while a 1.6 is probably pretty decent for what it is, there is a 70 bhp difference between the cars, and no doubt with the brakes / suspension to match. Of course there is going to be a big difference :D

For example. i recently drove an MX5 1.8 - similar weight probably but this has 135 bhp or so.... and it felt very slow compared to the 182.