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Worried Engine Related

  Clio 197 R27 Albi
Baiscly just went out to go drive my car and had the "------ check oil" come up on the dash, so i checked via the dip stick and there pretty much nothing in it.

Reason why im worried is 2 days ago it was full and its not wet under the car or where i parked. Is it possible that the engine has burnt it all and i guess theres something wrong.

Any idea's?

Im gonna go top it up now and see what happens over next few days.
  Titanium 182
Have you checked you undertray ? It might be swimming with oil....

Take out the plug in it under your sump plug and see if oil pisses out, if so you might have a damaged sump.
  Golf GTD Mk7
did you check the engine cover mate? seems strange. Also make sure you have the car on a flat, wipe the dip stick then re check. (apologies if you know this :))