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  ff 182

Hi guys and gals im gonna change my car soon coz i want something faster wot do u reckon i should get out of these:

Renault Clio 16v

Renault Clio Williams

Renault Clio 172

Renault Megane 2.016v coupe
  Leon Cupra

OK maybe 7 was a bit low but you might find one. Hears a couple of the trader site.

2000 RENAULT CLIO 2.0 16V Renaultsport 172 3dr Hatchback
2000 W reg Silver,Full Renault hist Air con Half Leather seats, ABS, 6 CD stacker, Central locking, Alarm/immob,This car is immaculate and is for sale at a rediculously low price as I am forced to sell! You wont be disappointed. 48000 miles. £7950.

Tel: 07960162634
Distance: 50 miles
Price: £7,950

X reg . 15500 miles, absolutely immaculate inside & out, all usual refinements, taken in p/x. £7,995. p/x considered . (0121) 344 4868.

Tel: (0121) 344 4868
Distance: 13 miles
Price: £7,995


Valver and willy appear to have more street cred than 172 (I know people are going to shout at me for that). If i was you i would not spend 7 odd grand on a 172, spend 4K on a mint valver or 5k for a willy and then send it to hill power for heads, cams, exhaust and chip etc, get a nice set of wheels for it and you wont regret the quick individual car you will have at the end.

However aint ever had a go of a 172 (any offers, in return a thrash in my valver) so not really in a position to comment if this makes up for my slander in first paragraph.

Alex M

Experince a 172 then u will want 1 will be hard 2 find a decent willy what has not been thrashed about ,plus u might be buying other peoples trouble at least wit a 172 there new enough ie;service history and sh*t...

your choice tho!!
  ff 182

I want a clio16v but its so hard to find 1 standard and that hasnt been ragged with low mileage in good condition.Williams yeah i would love but u cant mod them.

172 i think im gonna get quick cars and they look mint done up.

Cheers Guys

Valvers and willys, Patience they are rare but there are good ones about, be prepared to travel if so. There is a point about buying a 172 in that it will feel newer is slighly quicker and probably less hasslesome, although they have thier problems also it would appear, need to have a spin in one, think I should arrange a test drive for myself, however, before i slate or a rate them, nothing worse than the uneducated gobbing off. Suggest you do the same, drive a good one of both, perhaps a fellow club members, and then decide.

Alex M

Come on Pete!! Youve seen my 16v and you know you want one - or even a Williams! 172 will be wicked, but theres somethin a bit more old-school cool about a 16v/Willy. Megane isnt a Clio - nuff said!:D

16v/Willy will cost as much as a 172 or other newer car in the long run. Bought my Valver for £4600 last year - and have spend nearly £4000 on it since then to keep it minter than mint. I know you do big miles! So 172 would cost the same as a 70k miles 16v/Willy over the years!

But it isnt all about the money - its about what you like. Drive my car some time and Im sure someone will let you have a blow in a 172 as well. Then decide!

Take your time though!