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would these fit a phase2 1.2?

  phase 1 clio 172
im not sure what size wheels and et fit a 1.2 phase2 but i got some 14" 6j et 38 wheels here.....would they fit or would they hit the calipers on front or back?
  phase 1 clio 172
If you have them, and the car...give it a go?
They should be okay, mine are et38/6j I believe.
not till a couple of days time, i was going to replace 1 tyre but i wont bother unless i know they will 100% fit and clear the breaks etc............are yours 14"???
  phase 1 clio 172
ok but surly more chance of touching the brakes if they are 14s?? i have a phase 1 172 and there is noway they will go on that, surly the 1.2 phase2 brakes are ALOT smaller


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The front brakes on a 1.2 are either 238mm or 259mm, can't remember. A lot smaller than the 280mm on a 172 though.

The poverty spec non sports that came without alloys had 14" steel wheels though, so you should be fine