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Would this be difficult to do....

  H22A7 Accord Type R

I aint sure myself, but it looks smart! Not sure about the mirrors tho do u attach those front splitters anyways???? hmm
  Abarth Grande Punto

i dont think it would be 2 difficult! But then alot of jobs on clios looks easy until you do it!!;)

I think its just a case of finding a good bodyshop. Looks good though, and those wheels, look a bit like Dare V1s. Nice!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

There are already holes in the bodywork which are presumably for a splitter. I guess a Clio Cup splitter would be easiest of all. I was thinking about getting a Cup splitter for mine - but its pretty low at the front anyway and I wouldnt fancy my chances against a speed bump if it was another inch lower!
  7.6cc :D

Same here Mike, mines low too, so i wouldnt get the splitter painted as it would probably get quite a few scrapes.

I was also considering the Cup one, but its £150 and if this one wasnt *much* more expensive then i think id consider it as its a bit more substantial than the Cup one.

Lagunas are obviously a lot wider than the clio so some cutting would be required.

Hmmmmm :confused:
  190 BHP Willy 2

A Seat ibiza splitter looks pretty cool as well. IMHO I think the Seat one looks better. Plenty of people have fitted splitters its no big deal. Youd actually be surprised how easy it is. A bit out of the middle a couple of vs cut in the plastic where it has to wrap round the bumper, self tappers or something similar to hold it in place, job done. Sometimes pays to heat the splitter up slightly if you have any tight bends. for example where youve cut your vs.

Hehe, Mike, I was just thinking that, but I think I might just have to get one to have a play with ;)

Have you got a Seat garage around you? if so Ill try and get one and we can have a go with it one weekend.
  BMW 320d Sport

No no the ultimate snow plough is the Seat Cordoba splitter, that is seriously sticking out. Its wicked as well. I might get an Ibiza one for the rear just to bring it down a bit though.
  7.6cc :D

How did my topic change onto Ibizas :mad:......;)

The ibiza one does look a bit big for me, id definately be scraping with that.

The Laguna has recently changed so would the splitter be different on the new one, i cant find a decent picture of it. If anyone wanted to ring Renault and ask, it would be helpfull (im too scared).

I think the new laguna has got the laguna splitter even though i cant see it on one on their website :confused:

The ibiza isnt that big, used mk2/3 golf bits as well, i quite like em
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Roamer - yeah theres one in Shrewsbury - about 15 minutes away. I wonder how come the Clio Cup splitter is £165 and the Seat one is £19?

Dont the Dynamique models have a splitter as standard? Or is it just trim?

Yeah i have one as standard, but the 172 up the top seems to have a larger one, maybe thats just the contrast in colour though as my cars black.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah it does doesnt it. LOL @ Fred yes theres no such thing as too low :D - no need for snow ploughs in Telford though, it seems to be the only place in the UK where there is no snow at all. If it did snow a Laguna splitter would probably do a better job than the council though.
  VW Potato

dont wanna have to fight you over those wheels Rob, but Im dead fond of em...this town aint big enough for two clios having demm same wheels... ;)