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Would You Still Buy a 172 !!

Just wondering about those 172 owners that have had the car for a while (e.g 6 months- 10-15k) if you could go back and choose again would you still buy a 172 ????

Now ive been on track....deffo!!!

Want a stripped out lightweight one like the clio cup racers at palmersport

  172 Cup

Nearly 6 months and 7500 miles later I would have to yes a definate yes.

For £12k there really isnt anything else at the moment that I would seriously consider, not when you think of everything you get for your money.

Some may disagree as we all no its not bolted together as it could be but I have been fortunate so far and had no major problems.

5 months and 7,500 miles - I would also say a definite yes. I considered the CTR - but the Clio was a much better package - and cheaper (which was an added bonus).

  172 Cup

Jock its not just an extra £4k though is it. Ok the extra £4k will get you the CTR but it wont get you all of the options that are standard in the 172. Trust me, its not all about getting from A to B quicker by 1/2 a second. Next time you see a CTR owner in a traffic jam next to you on a summer day they wont look half as happy as a 172 owner.


Hi, I agree with desmondo. Its better package. I ahve it for 3 months and around 6000 km. It is what I expected and much much more. Honda is producing engines with leading technology but the cars are not among the best.

Only thing that would make me sell the 172 in the next 12 months is when/if renault start selling a RenaultSport Clio 200

The PR dude at Palmersport did say they were working on something to this effect along with Renaultsport Performance parts for Clio cup/172 in a couple of months, he mentioned seats, suspension and brakes at least



15 months and 29k later - yes, yes, yes!! I personally would never buy a CTR - horrible looking thing!! I would have to have a lot more money to spend to get anything else - somewhere in the region of £30k probably, there doesnt seem to be anything else around to come close to the Clio for the money at the moment, but it does look as if that might be changing. However, I would never buy a Focus (they are too mpv-ish for my taste too) and the 206 is undrivable if you are as small as me!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

4 months and 7000 miles (and 1 trackday) yes Id get another: Totally reliable, lots of mods available, cheap to run and TOTALLY BRILLIANT ON A TRACK!

Wots all that about a Clio Renaultsport 200 anyway J?
  Silver Fabia vRS

8 months and 11500 miles later...yes! Havent had anything else on the road take me yet and the track day was a hoot.

Looks and handles much better now Ive done a few mods...but Im still holding out for my EVO VII FQ-300 or EVO VIII if its out! Im keeping my 172 until 2005 though but on the other hand

hmm, i didnt buy my 172, but i would have to leave the 172 scene and go down the MK1 Escort RS2000 in olympic blue with a 2.3 pinto, warrior head, 230bhp.....mmmmmmm........oh my, the darkblue side is taking me over!!!

or most probably a lotus elan (MK1) in race tune AND (cause there wil be money left over) a lotus talbot sunbeam....mmm

Would I buy another 172? - No
Would I buy another Renault? - No(Well maybe the V6!)
Would I buy french again? - No

Dont get me wrong I love my 172, but I also learn my lessons well!

I just cant seem to see past the Focus RS at the moment!


  Shiny red R32

The Focus RS isnt very quick - according to a friends hubby who owns the local Ford garage!


  Shiny red R32

Forgot to say that I am happy with my 172 and although I still miss my S16 Pug, I would get another one, in black of course, but if I could have two, I would get a blue one for the weekends!

I know what you mean about the ST 170, a bit disappointing!

However I dont think Ford can afford to muck the RS launch up at all, given the horrendous delays they have had with this car. If they say its fast, Ill believe them! Theres nothing to suggest a car with 220 BHP and an LSD is going to be anything but!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

For lots of reasons. OK the CTR might have a performance advantage but its pig ugly (vauhall zafira). But the main reason is drivability, its too big and doesnt handle as good as the 172 steering is not as good.

I like fast cars but I also like my creature comforts air con, leather etc. Theyre too common round here too.

The 172 has its flaws namely build quality but to be honest I have had no problems (apart form those damned washer balls) and its an absolute hoot to drive on the limit, grip grip and more grip and thats where it leaves the CTR in its wake!

14 months and 17500 miles... and a resoudning YES!

The main reasons I would choose a 172 over a CTR are as follows:-

1) Cost - To get the CTR with Aircon, leather, metallic paint etc adds thousands to the already more expensive base price, so the price difference is actually quite high

2) Fun factor - the CTR may be slightly quicker, but the driving feel is bland and nowhere near as much fun as a 172

3) The Clio scene. This club as a good example. There is much more of a community spirit with the Clio (and Renault as a whole) owners, and this, for me anyway, was actually quite an important decision

4) Looks - the CTR is without queestion an MPV


  Shiny red R32

Geordiepaul, I agree with you about the ugliness of the CTR but please dont insult pigs, because I think they are gorgeous, especially their cute little piggy eyes!


Hello All (especially Kis!), have been working too hard of late and havent been on the site - well, in answer to the question...NO!! I have had my phase I 172 for 18 months and covered 50K hard, fast miles and the wee car just aint up to it...full engine rebuild in June...gearbox replaced 3 weeks ago and too many nasty noises for my liking - have lost faith in it!Have loved it and agree that its fantastic for the money, but am now awaiting my Golf GTi Anniversary even getting the 150BHP TDi engine in it due to the miles I do and having been so impressed with it on test drives (you can stop laughing now - go test drive a derv soon!). Wouldnt buy French again as they just dont build them solidly enough for my liking....have loved it though and will miss it!

Yes! because they look nice, go well and I dont see many on the road.

Ive never had a car that has given me such presence on the road.....and the ability to suprise BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lotus and Porshe drivers - although I have been suprised myself by a 320 CDI!

If I am honest I would like something with a bit more power, e.g., 98 MCoupe, 02 S2000 or 93 Griffith 4.3 but Im still paying for the addition the main problem is can I afford the servicing, especially on the Griff?

  Fiesta TDCI

No......... If they put it together better and treated their customers better it would be great.

I can safely say that I will never buy a Renault again.