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xbox 360 hdtv connector...

  golf r32 dsg
right ive got a hdtv and a xbox 360,

but there are no green red blue holes on the tv for them to connect to from the xbox!
the tv has a scart port for the hdtv not the 3 holes...

how do i connect the xbox to the hd scart port?
  Audi TT 225 Quattro
what tv u got ? needs a set of componant inputs (red/grren/blue holes) for xbox hd ...
  Yaris Hybrid
All TV's carrying the HD Ready logo should have component and HDMI inputs.

If you don't have component then it isn't a HD TV even if the LCD does support that resolution.

Do you have a VGA input as you could get away with that if you buy the other lead?
  golf r32 dsg
the tv`s a phillips and is hd ready,

it has a scart input on the tv with the red green and blue leads coming from that!

so do i need to buy a diffrent connector to plug the 3 leads from the xbox into for it to be able to connect to the hd scart input on my tv?

sorry if im confusing you all!!!!!
  Fiesta ST
HD TV - doesn't use scart - totally different connection. The 3 plugs comming from the xbox need to plug into 3 sockets on the TV - R G B and then white and red audio sockets
  golf r32 dsg
the red green and blue leads are for hd and dont connect into my tv.

the black connector is the one which connects into a hd port on my tv.


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  golf r32 dsg
this is the back of the tv the hd port is on the right it reads dvi hd/pc


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  Fiesta ST
Hard to see from that Picture - But I can just see a DVI port - to use this one for your Xbox you need the Microsoft VGA lead plus a VGA- DVI adapter.

But if your TV is HD Ready you should have x 3 phono like sockets Red, Green, Blue and this is component connection - to connect to this socket you need Microsofts HD lead.

For both of these type of connections you need a red&white socket for audio in! which both microsoft leads have audio phono's leads on them.
  Fiesta ST
dunno - never tried connecting it like that - this does mean your TV is not HD ready - because if it was it would have them connectors on it and you wouldn't need that adapter.

It might do HD resoultions via DVI but it isn't HD Ready.
  golf r32 dsg
ive just contacted phillips and they said its deffinatly hd ready!

so duno why the tvs like that!


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  Fiesta ST
Well they lied - no component and no HDMI!!

1 x SCART ( 21 PIN SCART )
1 x DVI-I ( 29 pin DVI )
1 x audio line-in ( RCA phono x 2 )
1 x composite video input ( RCA phono )
1 x S-Video input ( 4 PIN mini-DIN )
1 x headphones ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm )
1 x audio line-in ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm )
  Fiesta ST
You can use the DVI for HD though so dont worry - if that adapter doesn't work u need microsofts VGA one and a VGA -> DVI connector to get it up and running.
  golf r32 dsg
erm youve confused me with them 2 replies lol so it is hd ready but will only be able to use hd tv with the xbox 360 thru the dvi port?
  Fiesta ST
Its not HD Ready they lied because it doesn't have component!

It will do HD resolutions though via DVI which is ok for Xbox 360 and using it as a PC Monitor.

The final requirements of an HD Ready screen

So there we have our HD Ready list of requirements:

Have a minimum of 720 horizontal lines
Be widescreen
Have a component analogue input
Have a DVI with HDCP or an HDMI digital input
Support via the digital input 1280x720 @50 and 60Hz progressive scan (‘720p’)
Support via the digital input 1920x1080 @50 and 60Hz interlaced (‘1080i’)
  Monaro VXR
Longy said:
Not its not - they should be shot for lying :) when HD Dvd and Blue Ray is out - you cant use it because no HDMI socket.

You can get adaptorts for HDMI - VGA / DVI so shouldnt be much of an issue. All i do on my TV. But i also have a few sets of components inputs plus vga and dvi. HDMI is not really needed i would not use it anyways as the only difference is it carries an audio signal through the lead which just kinda defeats the purpose of my surround system.
  Yaris Hybrid
I had a Phillips CRT and was well impressed so naturally looked at Phillips LCD's before opting for a Samsung.

The reason I didn't get the Phillips is that their website was talking sh*t and blatantly lying. They were saying TV's were HD Ready when they had no HDMI and therefore didn't support HDCP which means you are absolutely f**ked when it comes to running protected content from Sky or whoever. I definitely remember they only had DVI.

Dunno where you stand legally, as I said I spotted their bullsh*t 18 months ago but I assumed I must have been mistaking something because surely it would be illegal for them to advertise something that wasn't true.

In the end I didn't take the risk...
  golf r32 dsg
got that connector off ebay mate and the picture when switched to hd is deffinatly better,

problem is now theres no bloody sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fiesta ST
No they do it to VGA - then u need a VGA -> DVI connector.

To get sound you need to plug the white & red phono plugs into the audio in on the TV.

you using the official Microsoft HD lead? Make sure you've got the lead switched to HD - and also make sure in the set-up on dashboard you've got 720p selected.
  golf r32 dsg
Longy said:
No they do it to VGA - then u need a VGA -> DVI connector.

To get sound you need to plug the white & red phono plugs into the audio in on the TV.

you using the official Microsoft HD lead? Make sure you've got the lead switched to HD - and also make sure in the set-up on dashboard you've got 720p selected.

yes mate using the microsoft hd lead and switched to hd and the white and red plugs are in the audio ports on the tv....

its pissing me off now lol

were do i got a vga dvi connector mate?
  Revels Mum & Sister
IMO dont worry about HDCP, it wont be switched on so to speak until around 2010. Hence why the Sky HD boxes at the moment have Component outputs

But yeah Philips have been bullshitting