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Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program

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Wave 1 of the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program is in the process of being pushed out to those selected. If you were not selected, don’t worry…we’ll be adding more people over the next few days. If you have been selected, you’ll will get the update sometime over the next few hours when you sign in to Xbox LIVE. You can confirm your acceptance in the first wave by signing in to the Connect Site, where you’ll also find more details on the program and links to the private preview forums on In addition, we’ve also be sending you an an email to your Windows LIVE ID that you registered with Connect.

I'm on it, anyone else?
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Yeah me too.

only problem i have is i'm not sure whether its tied into your specific xbox, i just upgraded yesterday to my new super elite, i'll have to wait and see if it downloads the update otherwise i'll be plugging my old one back in lol
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I am too :).... Not too sure whaether its tagged to your 360 or gamertag though?...
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You basically get the next xbox live update early, you have to sign upto to it when MS accounce it. On this update its for Facebook and Twitter and a few other things.
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I got an email as well saying I am on it.

Anyone know when our Xbox gets the update though as I turn mine on this morning and got nothing?
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hmm i am in the preview as well but my dash still hasnt prompted for update, a few people on my friends list are using last fm etc so its been pushed.... anyone else updated yet ?
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I haven't got mine either, but not too sure wheather you need a Gold Account tbh?...
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nah dosent matter if you have gold or silver, although you cant use any of it on a silver account lol
  BMW F31
still haven't got my update either! whats going on? might as well have just waited until tuesday for the official release lol!
  Golf gti ed30+bmw m3
tuesday isnt the official release, that update only adds sky player.. this update isnt officially out till the middle of november. they have started rolling out wave 2 of the update to people who applied and have stated not to worry unless you dont have it by tuesday.