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Xenon bulb removal 1*2 headlight


ClioSport Club Member
How do you get the xenon bulb out of the xenon headlights?

I twisted the thing that say (turn anti clock wise to open) and then nothing else happens, dont want to break it so... anyone?

  Clio 182
Hope you've allowed the ballast/ ignitors to discharge first- otherwise you could get a shock.

Once you twist and pull the ignitors off, there is a wire clip that holds the bulb in place, you need to release this then bulb will come out.

Much easier with bumper off (only takes 5-10mins for bumper off then, really easy to change when lamp is out


ClioSport Club Member
skinz already off the car mate (my fault for not making that clear) just bought some from a guy on here and I just noticed the white plastic that holds the headlight is all snapped :(