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xenon/hid conversion

Anyone who has owned/been in a mk1 clio will know the lights are worse than candles, i bought a kit to convert the headlight to xenon/hid and now they are a million times better, the pictures just dont these justice at all, absolutely everythin infront of you gets lit up as apose to 2meters infront, probably the best thing i have bought for the car.





  RS 182 - Black Gold
Are they fitted in properly?

Look a bit blinding from the front view?

Looks much brighter tho :D
If you don't mind me asking how many notes did this set you back? i may have to resort to gettin a passenger to hang out the window with a torch.:rasp:
if i saw you coming towards me with them on i would be flashing my full beams at you to turn them off....

but yeah, they light up the road ok