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Yellow mesh behind grilles

  172 Cup
To put BEHIND (not replace) the top and lower grilles I've seen full grille replacements and they all look siht, and am after a subtle look by hiding it behind the grille.

I can get hold of mesh at work, lots of different sizes from about 60 - 500 microns, spray it yellow.
Talks with a friend about this has made me wanna go ahead and give it a try, and as it will only cost me a tin of paint, there's only about £3 to lose
I lose more than that in the vending machines at work in a week.

anybody tried this on a 172 cup in blue, and got any pics?

:) John
  172 Cup
what's it going to do?

The same as any visual modification.

Might look good, might not. That's why I posted to see if there was any pics first before I find out it looks pap.

If I do it I'll be sure to knock by and post a few snaps to retrieve a typically distinctive cs slating.