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Yellow s**t under Oil Cap

  1.2 Dynam & 182FFCup
New head gasket needed Im guessing? (OR so i've discovered)
It means water in the oil right?

Part No. ?

How hard is it for a complete novice to do haha
Give me all the info you can please!

Thanks for your time!@


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
1.2 16v's are notorious for condensation build up in the filler neck.

If your car is driving fine and its not losing water or overheating you don't need a new headgasket.
  1.2 Dynam & 182FFCup
Oh thats good to hear.

It was; not so much anymore since I changed spark plugs having a little misfire every now and then, and it does this super weird idle. It starts off revving quite low, slowly slowly drops until the engine nearly cuts out, and boots itself up, to 1.5k and slowly lowers again, does this about 3 times then its fine?

It doesn't do that all the time, I just want to know if it could be linked?