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Yesterdays car (Hai Gaz ;) )

  Flame Red Delight
Well got my hands on gaz's cup eventually yesterday :)

First stage was to pressure wash the car using megs hyper gloss wash and wax
then sprayed the wheels with bilberry wheel cleaner(great stuff) and used a vikan soft wheel brush to clean them properly
rinsed the car off then hand washed the car using turtlewax wash and wax stuff and an ageing wash mitt (need to upgrade)
then clayed (i4detailing and magic clay lube) and de tar'd the car, really needed it purely because of the colour of it,
then sprayed the wash and wax over it again and rinsed it off
dried it off using an i4detailing plush drying cloth (brilliant)
then applied autoglym srp and tropi-care aplicator pads then dried it off using a microfiber cloth,
then cleaned the windows using fast glass and a window cloth from tropi-care and then applied trim wax to the black trim around the car,
and then i applied some hardcore xxx chemical guys wax (great stuff)
left that for 20 mins and removed the trim wax and then removed the was aswell
Then onto the interior which i used mpc to clean the interior trim and deep cleaned the carpets and mats, applied and then applied the tyre shine and was finished















ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
How much do you charge for something lke that??

(I wish you lived closer, my Audi is in dire need of some wax)
Looks good!

Can't stand that camera angle for detailing shots though ;)

XXX wax is good stuff, I used to swear by it but was converted to Onyx recently.
How much do you charge for something lke that??

(I wish you lived closer, my Audi is in dire need of some wax)

Must be plenty of folk near by you to do this.. Something like the above would be £50-75 I'd imagine.. Add in paint correction, and it's up to £100-200 easy, then looking for a pro, skys the limit. Polished Bliss charge £395 + VAT per day, most of which run into 3 or 4 days
  Flame Red Delight
i charge £49 including all the wax etc and i will get the customer a lift back to there house and pick them up while i do there car :) think £49 is reasonable since it takes me around 4 hours (ocd is a b**ch lol) . Yesterday surprisingly wasnt cold for me whilst i was working hard. Weather here was awsome.


ClioSport Club Member
  330e, golf r, EP3 s4
Cheers Cal. I can only but recommend Cal for this the car is spotless after getting my new job its not been properly clean in ages :cool:


ClioSport Club Member
  Jaguar XFR
Nice job, erm.. I think the photos need a bit of work tbh. BIt too arty farty , they dont show off the work well.


ClioSport Club Member
  330e, golf r, EP3 s4
I took a few after the drive home but was with the n97 so quality aint overly great and again dont do Cals work justice.

Will post them up anyways



And a Sneaky one of my parents new barge



South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Good effort on the Clio !! Top marks to that man...!

Like the barge too .. sod cleaning those wheels though...! Is it the new Passat coupe thing ?
  Flame Red Delight
Thanks for all the comments everyone, mainly I am happy gaz was delighted, thanks again mate