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York Movies back online!

Thanks Mike. I have some in car footage too. Will put that up in the next couple of days.. including a clip with the camera pointing out of the rear window as I pull away from my competitor like hes standing still!

Dai - works fine for me mate.. no one else reporting problems either. Dunno.

My sh*te PC I think, might have to upgrade my media player to play them I suspect, no worries ! I will sort it !

Matt, still ok to send you the video to get the footage of the whole day ? Gonna do it dinner time.
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah nice one Matt. But that one labelled as me, isnt me! The one with me vs Jon is right though...I can hear the bang from my exhaust but cant see the flames!

Mike - good work mate, I hope 172 slayer is paying attention, you slaughtered that Tomcat.
  mk2 172

great stuff matt, wish i had a vid of me and tim, that was my fave race of the day even tho it wasnt my best time. cant wait for the new year now.

  VW Transporter 174

"I hope 172 slayer is paying attention, you slaughtered that Tomcat."


When you can beat Andy nicholls MG maestro give me a call-but i think ill be waiting a long time ;)

Top job Craggy! hope that red 172 lives round here-looks like easy meat :)



What time you running over the 1/4 mile. Im just wondering, I manage to get into 4th quite easily, I think you only used 3 gear?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah thats right. I tried both ways. My fastest time of the day (15.4) was achieved by letting the engine bounce off the limiter in 3rd for the last 50 yards. I suspected that if I changed into 4th Id lose time. Anyhow, I tried changing into 4th a few 100rpm before the green light on the next run. Result: 15.8. I went back to the stay in 3rd strategy the next run (as it was the Tomcat!) and ran a 15.7.

Still not sure what to do for the best. Clearly if I stay in 3rd my terminal speed of 88.xx mph will stay the same so Ill get no real improvements. Im just frustrated cos that extra gearchange seems to cost me a few tenths.

Dunno really. I need to get to 88 mph in less than 350 yards to make a change into 4th worthwhile!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Matt - when you got your 15.3 did you change into 4th? I notice your TS was 88.8 which is identical to mine when I ws bouncing off the limiter. These vids are great - makes such a difference being able to hear the commentary.

Yeah Mike.. I decided to change into 4th on all of my runs. Maybe I was able to change slightly earlier than you for some reason, but I would have definately felt uncomfortable leaving it in 3rd.

telford_mike - lol! I kept hearing that when I was dozing off in the queue. I was wondering who the hell had put a 1.0 in a Clio! Didnt realise it was your car he was on about...

  Renault Laguna Coupe

I was the fastest 1 litre car by some margin. I think Ill stick a 172 lump in and see if I can improve on my 15.4 :D


I manage to get into 4th quite easily, my TSs range from 93-95Mph, I normaly change out of third at around 86!
  mk2 172

teady, if that was a true 96mph those time would be sub 14.5 ish, theres no way a standard 172 can get to 96. not dissin your motor in any way saying that as i know how hard it is to get 15s which is what yours is capable of, i mean tims beast just scrapes 94-95mph, like is was saying before a kid with a punto at crail is gettin 93 and pullin 15.3, would be a much better time if that was the case. id say your et is approx a very very respectable 91-92mph. im just saying the speed device at crail is a bit dodgy but not te timing gear.


youll have to come to york next easter.
  BMW 320d Sport

Slayer - glad to hear youve stuck around...and as you well know Ive already called you out on numerous occasions but youve never wanted a carry on talking and Ill carry on banging in the real results. You know my email if you want to take me up on the offer I made you a long time ago, which still stands.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Correct me if Im wrong but I havent heard a denial from the gentleman that it was indeed him in the Tomcat. So were you R149 Slayer?

hey Slayer

where abouts do you live? I want to see how fast your car is or what it is .... it seems to be a fast car from what i heard?
  VW Transporter 174


My comment was not meant to look like thowing down the gauntlet,mearly drawing to your attention that there are some fcking fast T16s out there after your cheap jibe at the tomcat owner . (does 12.46 impress you?) On the strip you would probably beat me but on the track it would be a different story as my car is dynamicaly superior to yours with about the same power.

At the end of the day its horses for courses

172 Slayer

mg maestro!

is still a maestro, dont care whats under the bonnet, or what times it runs, its still a maestro. Ewwwwww.

No offence to any maestro owners out there, or montego owners for that matter, but Id rather have a supercharged aldi shopping trolley.

Hey just my opinon, but LOOKS really count for me, so there u go.
  williams and trophy

he he maestro tubs are quick in a straight line ...............quite a bit quicker than my williams

but when it comes to corners..............hahahahahahahahah

as the guy who tried racing me out of york last month found out lol he was goin soooooooooooooo slow after his blast on the straight that i just had to pass him going round the outside on a left hand bend lol

for me looks dont count really but performing DOES ...and i dont just mean in a straight line


  BMW 320d Sport

hehe yeah there are some quick tomcats out there...12.46 does impress me, but nowhere near as much as it would do if it came from a normally aspirated 4-pot rather than a turbo. The fact is that on the day the Tomcat couldnt cut the mustard. You say your car is dyanamically superior - for one to be superior to the other, you must be able to compare them - seeing as we still have no proof that you can even drive, let alone own a car, then its all talk at the moment.

Its not really a question of throwing down the gauntlet, but I would still like to meet up and talk shop, and see whatever it is you have, then just email me. Or alternatively, hide in the shadows and keep on dreaming.

no mate, girlracer has been takin the p!ss over what he has been driving recently. Personally I think that its really very rude - the world needs to be set straight, and this is ACTUALL footage of slayer riding/driving his pride and joy...

mmmmm, what a nice shirt.

;) :D

Lets start a new competition, finding the best pics of slayers ride.

I love it!

If you shout off, you gotta show your cards, so comeon slayer, u riding kubota or john deere?