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Your cars history.......

just wondered about the history of everybodys car. Just wondering if things like no service history, resprays bodywork repairs or etc etc etc bothered people when they went to look at/buy there car?

personally it wouldnt bother me as long as the car looks mint and drives well and obviously has been cared for. I like to see a car as rare as the williams and valver with a bit of money spent on them cos it shows the owner looks after it and with these cars being as rare as they are its always good to see a minter whatever its past,

whats your views,


Bought mine with no service and a full respray. Didnt bother me at all! Engine is still tight and not burning, body is mint(not crashed), so whats the difference?? although it did have a hole in the gearbox the size of a golfball!! ah well, what can you do? LOL
  mk2 172

bought mine in in very good nick apart from supermarket door dents so i had them sprayed (later that day i crashed, oops, waste of £250) with a service book as thick as war & peace, now its got an extra epic chapter with 4k worth of parts and labour and i still need some more bits. but i love the beast
  williams and trophy

mine in same kinda nick as craggys, supermarket dents only, full service book with all bills etc.

the guy (was 1 owner before him-his dad) who i bought it off his dad had all the original mag articles about it and they were thrown in a cardboard box in the boot..........along with a spare speedline rim......bonus

hopefully will be midly tuned next year. but its just sweeet as it is.......but more is always better right? lol

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Mine came with FSH, looked pretty clean apart from wheels the wrong shade of gold, and a tiny bit of rust around the tailgate. Still havent sorted these :eek:

Spoken to the prev owner of the car. and he seemed ok.

Fiesta I know all the history of tho... Parents bought it at 1 1/2 yrs old... prev owner driving instructor.
  BMW 320d Sport

mines a bit weird, although however deep you dig everything is totally above board and legit, you sometimes get the feeling that all is not what it seems. Maybe it was the fact that it had no crash damage yet I found broken glass under the rear seat and a new quarter light without the security code etched into it. And certain parts of trim with scribbled words in paint marker on the back - scrapyard style. Still, I loved the car when I bought it and still love it now. But just to be on the safe side Ive replaced every mechanical part except the bottom end of the engine, which looked fine last time Nick Hill had a look at it. Oh I havent changed the fuel pump yet. But seriously, everything else is either replaced with Renault parts or uprated competition stuff. If only I was ever gonna sell it someone would have a good Clio on their hands...

I bought mine over a year ago, it had a Service History up to about 50000 I think, all the previous MOTs and a few receipts, it had 89000 on the clock and needed a new wheel and a new 1/4 panel, still have not sorted the 1/4 panel, but for £1900 I couldnt grumble! It has lasted me 21k and so far so good, (Touching wood as it made a few strange noises earlier!!), but I just saw it and new I wanted it I had a vision!!!!

The service book had been lost for my car, but all the receipts since new were in a big folder. All the panels were original and in original paint, though I did have some re-sprayed to get rid of the stone chips.

What interested me at the time was that the car had just had an full engine re-build to a high spec with lots of new bits like clutch. Theres one receipt there for £2.5k alone! I thought Id got a minter and that many trouble free miles awaited me. Sadly, the extra power ripped through any of the unreplaced transmission and associated mechanical parts within 6 months of me buying the car. Bum!

I think service history is important as the most dilligent owner will keep every single receipt for even the most minor of parts and jobs. I know I do even though the prospect of selling is a bit far off!

Even when I change oil/filter myself (so no receipt) I mark it on a spreadsheet - just so I know at what mileage it was done.

I brought my clio off my cousin two years ago who kept the car for three years and did 60,000 miles going up and down the motorway to work and back. It has a full service history and is still going strong.

  clio 20v

mine was a company car for north west water up to about 40k so its got loads of receipts and history, i want a job there if the managers got clio 16valves with leather in 96

jus hope i got an old sensible manager that didnt cane it

im the third owner and it had done 54k when i got it only problems are i havent got the key to the doors or the key to isolate the alarm under the scuttle, no owners manual either


IMHO i wouldnt touch one of the F16 1764cc 16v engines if it didnt have full service history.

These engines need tender maintenance and if it hasnt been serviced for 30k it shows that it hasnt been looked after, thats a bad buy if you ask me, body work is easy and cheap to repair, a new engine and mechanics are not and are the most important thing that you need to look out for.


Agree with the 30k miles no-service thing. But I doubt an F7P/R (1.8/2.0) engine would survive 30k with no maintenance!!
  FRST and 106 GTi

Took me about 7 mouths to find out my Clio RTi 95 black. Kind of VERY dificult to find one. Bought it at first sight. :)

bought with 88k km on the clock, so I would expect some surprises.

Koni Sport. Valver springs. Valver calipers w/ ATE PowerDisc willy discs. New backbox. Other stuff that I cant remember since Im still sleeping.

Everything was upgraded since I really needed to exchange. Exchange for std or upgrade? Guess what!

Just to prove FSH and low mileage dont gaurantee a hassle free car:

Bought my car in Sept 2001. It is a very early 1998 phase 3. Had 24K on the clock with a FSH Everything looked mint

Then 3 months later 3 exhaust valves burnt out and I had to spend £600 on repairs.

Its funny reading this thread because my car is like how Nick described his. Everything is legit but yet something doesnt feel right. Little things like window etching and the fact that my VIN plate is not under the bonnet but on the drivers doorframe. Wierd