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Your opinions on FCS 2010

can it not coincide with lemans please so i can get more involved and get you more people down next year? ;)

it would be brilliant at Donington... would love it :) (any consideration for oulton? or you avoiding them due to it being a msv location?)

oh i'll do the presenting on the live stage too if you need anyone... seen as i'm trained up in it all and have it planned.

i could rope some bints in too that have no car skills and provide lols all day.
I find going to other shows, they are all much of a muchness and its hard to think outside the box.
Nail on head, most car shows are pretty boring after a couple of hours.

I think trax is the exception, purely because they have 3 tracks to watch and it is so big but thats down to silverstone which isnt really a viable option to FCS so thats a no.

Traders, especially demon tweeks, should be encouraged to bring more stock imo. Unlike a lot of shows it is easier to know what to bring to fcs, since most cars will be 106/saxo/clio.
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i agree with Mark,

him and Gordon are both club people, well more Mark. The likes of ISTS are ran by organisations in it to make money i.e Live Promotions.

I'd take my hat off to Mark and Gordon if i was wearing one, to create FCS and produce PFC while both doing other jobs is a hell of an achievement, and for them to be as successful as they have been its a credit to both of them.

Never spoken to Gordon, but my few chats and many emails to Mark hes a great guy and i have alot of respect for him.
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Cant we not give our oppinions now?? mine was a true experience!

If a admin can reply to me via Pm or on here please


ClioSport Admin
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It's great to see Mark here responding to feedback, as has been said already, you simply don't get this with the other big shows - which is a shame.
Also, as Mark has said, it's so difficult to please everyone all the time (it's bad enough trying to keep the members of ClioSport happy! :rasp:)

Andyrg - You're better off contacting a Moderator, as they are more likely to have an answer for you.
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as a sugestion for entertainment, you could get a few live bands/djs on ect.
i know its a car show but it would give somthing different to do and would help you stop getting bored. and if you put a variaty of music in there then it would help stop peole moaning about the type of music playing. just a thought.
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As a venue I don't really like Rockingham, dusty gravel car park sucked, if it was all grass it would have been miles better. TBH I thought Brunty was a better venue, only issue is no track, but the state of the driving I've seen at FCS in recent years that's probably a good thing.
there was a track (improvised) at Brunt. An as for gras, over here done very often and great ... until it starts raining. :rolleyes:

You have taken the words right out of my mouth.

UNTIL IT rains.

I have yet to come across a venue in the UK that can take upwards of 3000 cars that won't be in major trouble if it rains heavy in the day or the few days beforehand.

I know this year there wasn't any dust flying around the rock as there wasn't a rally on. I made a point of asking loads of people in the club area.

The showground at Rockingham is purpose built to be weather/flood proof and thats why it has draining gravel around the network of roads.

You would need to win the Euro millions roll over to build a purpose built venue on astro turf.

The 8 years I done trax was no better for gravel and dust where my club was located. You could be lucky and get tar ohhh and hand over £100 grand for the day for the hire.

We are over quite literally a Rock and a hard place to get a venue that suits all.

Check the feedback over the 24-48 hours after the show and this is geuine with names attached. This gives a good indicator that many were happy, these threads have a habbit of drilling down the negatives.

Ohh and the date for next year shouldn't clash with Le Mans unless they more it. WE have asked to jump a week forward so it doesn't clash with several events.

Thanks for the postive feedback on here also.