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Yuk... A Meganne...

Renault came out to pick-up my poorly 172 this morning. On the back of the low-loader they had my replacement car for the time being. A Meganne.

Heres the thing: I like the shape, but theyve given me a 1.4 and i suspect it weighs over a ton and a half :( I think I can run faster than that Meganne. Its such a weird car to drive. Totally quiet and very disconnected from the road, but it does seem to handle ok.

Its got one of those key card thingys and a start/stop button in the car... which is a nice novelty

I really cant wait to have my Clio back. And I suspect its only just arrived at the garage. I think ive got to cope with the Meganne for a week at least :cry: and after seeing hardly any cars up for a race lately, I bet they all come out now I cant do anything.

Ok... Whinge over! Phew!
  320d M Sport

how come your clios gone to the garage? Not being nosey just trying to see if anyone elses is as cursed as mine!??


Yeah. I think its quite a brave move for Renault. My first reaction was to look at it and go "man... thats ugly"... but its starting to grow on me.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

man that engine sounds nackered!! how many miles has it done? mines only 4 weeks old and is on 2400 but sounds ok.

Its done 16k. Had its 12k service on the dot. Also gets an oil change every 6 thou. I think the belt that runs all the auxillary stuff has to be very tight with the variable valve timing and all, so I guess once some bearings start to go, they go big time.
  320d M Sport

why?? This is all by 9000 miles.......Here goes:

New windscreen rubber

New Glovebox

New Centre Console

New Centre exhaust (4K rattle)

Need New CV Boot (split)

Need New Radio (keeps turning off)

Need New Washer bottle

Needless to say its booked in tomorrow! :mad:

Have now seen quite a few Meganes in the flesh. I quite like them! The three door looks strangley small. Saw a really nice one in a dark metallic with contrasting dark silver bump strips - sounds cheesey; looks good.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

mine is 2400 miles, so far:

radio taken out and radio code ordered for (Reno had no clue what it was)

drivers door taken apart to fix window fault

trip computer not working

glove box needs to be fixed

headlight needs replacing (involves complete removal of front bumper)

chassis number on dashboard missing

also believe exhaust system is blowing

car is just over a month old.

Its not a happy state of affairs is it people... I love my 172, but when it comes to warranty renewal time... im signing up right away!

I prefer the old shaped megane to the new ones, that nose aint growing on me! I was thinking of getting the 1.4 coupe as my next car..maybe i wont if theyre as slow as you describe!

They really are desperate. Go for the 1.6. Ive just finished reconditioning the enigine of an old 1.3 Austin Maestro. Now its run in, it out accellerates the Megane! Not good...

Rob- if you are thinking of getting a old shape megane coupe i can highly recommend one, it has to be the 2.0 16v one though, as you can see from the PGTi Pictures thread my brothers coupe make more bhp than some 172s!!!